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Know Your Chants: Korobeinki (Tetris Chant)

16 July 2010 11,071 views 2 Comments

First it was a Russian folk song.

Then it was the Type A music for Tetris on the Game Boy.

Now it’s a Timbers Army chant.

(does anyone else think the best part of this video is the guy in the straw hat at 10.5 seconds?)

Do, Do Do Do, Do Do Do, Do Do Do, Do Do Do, Do Do Deet Do Do (Hey!)
Do, Do Do, Do Do Do, Do Do, Do Do Do Deet Do Do Do (Hey!)
Portland Timbers we a-dore you
Portland Timbers for you we sing

It’s not yet on the Timbers Army Chant Sheet, but most of the other chants are.

Other Chants:
Onward Rose City
Oh Rose City! Soccer City
Timber Jim’s Everywhere we go
Portland Boys

Posted by Dan